Being an Engineer

As I’m trying to keep myself anonymous it’s going to be difficult to talk about what sort of engineer I am, and who I work for without revealing myself. But to at least give a little away, I do spend most of my time in front of a computer, and a lot of that isn’t really doing any engineering; and I work for a large company. So think of me as a sort of real-life Dilbert, stuck in a large organisation, doing some sort of generic engineering job, but unlike Scott Adams’ long suffering character I do have a mouth and pupils.



I am a Dad

There’s nothing particularly unusual or remarkable about my situation, I’m a single dad with two children. They live with me most of the time, and spend the rest of their time with their mother. So there’s probably many thousands of men in a similar situation to me. Well, I hope there is, otherwise my anonymous blogging won’t be very anonymous if I’m the only one in the country.


It’s not a bad situation though, I don’t want to give the impression everything is terrible and be a self-pitying moaner. There are plenty of good things with my life, and bringing up kids can provide much joy and satisfaction. Being single, even with the kids, can offer advantages over being in a relationship. To be honest, some adults take more effort to look after than children do.

My two children, I’ll call the TheGirl and TheBoy, to not only anonymise them, but give a hint to their respective genders. Apologies to anyone who has actually called their children TheGirl and TheBoy, but you’ve only got yourself to blame for using camel-case on a birth certificate. I avoided calling them just Girl and Boy to prevent you thinking I’m bringing up a flamboyant gender-bending 1980s national treasure.

They are both of primary school age, TheGirl being older then TheBoy. So they’re still of the age where teenage cynicism hasn’t yet developed, and they still have the joy of innocent curiosity. There’s nothing particular unusual or special about them either, they don’t have any behavioural or health issues, nor do they have any outstanding talents or abilities. They aren’t going to end up as Nobel prize winning scientists, World Cup winning footballers (not if they stick with their British nationality anyway!) or Grammy award winning musicians. But on the other hand they don’t look like they’ll end up on Crimewatch, Jeremy Kyle or leading UKIP.

So you may have guessed, I’m not a competitive parent. Yes, I want my kids to do as well as they can, but I also want them to lead a happy balanced life. I’m not too bothered what their contemporaries are doing, as long as they aren’t dragging themselves way behind everyone else. It’s always easy to get distracted by the outliers in a group of children. There’s always the one who can play a violin to virtuoso level at the age of 5, or the little lad who has already been given his personalised AMG Mercedes by a top Premier league football team who have just signed him up, even those he can’t drive for another 10 years. At the other end of the scale, there’s always the child in the class with challenging behaviour (or as they used to be called: a little shit) whose name always gets mentioned when some incident happens at school. My kids sit somewhere in the middle with the vast majority of other kids who are quite good at some things, less good at others and generally behave pretty well.

I won’t claim to be the perfect dad, as a combination of needing spend time working and havingĀ a lazy streak means I have to muddle and blag my way along somewhat. But I hope I’ve picked up a few useful things along with way which I’ll share and might be of use to you. While I’ll aim to be positive, I’m sure there are days when I just need a good old grump-filled rant.

Yes, I’m single, so I’m trying to date

I’ve now been single for a few years, with my last serious relationship being with the mother of my kids. I’ve had a couple of minor dalliances since then, but haven’t really found Miss Right, or even Miss Just-About-Tolerable (who must be very posh having a triple-barrelled name). So I’ve decided to get out there and track her down, whoever she may be. When I say ‘get out there’, you know I really mean go on-line and start surfing the dating sites and apps. No scouring around bars and hassling strangers in the street in this day and age.


I’ll try and share my experiences at my attempts at dating as time goes on. I may even dish out some helpful advice, as how-to guides seem to be popular in blogs. Even I can’t help improve your dating dating chances with my words of wisdom, you can at least revel in my failures, bewilderment with the whole dating scene and be amazed at any successes I may have (come on, Leicester won the Premier league last season, so these things can happen!).

In the Beginning…

This is the post excerpt.

This is my first attempt at blogging, so please be gentle with me. You’ll see from my ‘about’ profile, I’m a single dad who is also an engineer. So I’ll be writing about bringing up kids, the world of dating, and being an engineer. Yes, I can just hear you saying “he’s a dad and an engineer, so what chance as he got in the world of dating?”. Well, probably not a lot, but I’m going to try and have fun finding out!