Yes, I’m single, so I’m trying to date

I’ve now been single for a few years, with my last serious relationship being with the mother of my kids. I’ve had a couple of minor dalliances since then, but haven’t really found Miss Right, or even Miss Just-About-Tolerable (who must be very posh having a triple-barrelled name). So I’ve decided to get out there and track her down, whoever she may be. When I say ‘get out there’, you know I really mean go on-line and start surfing the dating sites and apps. No scouring around bars and hassling strangers in the street in this day and age.


I’ll try and share my experiences at my attempts at dating as time goes on. I may even dish out some helpful advice, as how-to guides seem to be popular in blogs. Even I can’t help improve your dating dating chances with my words of wisdom, you can at least revel in my failures, bewilderment with the whole dating scene and be amazed at any successes I may have (come on, Leicester won the Premier league last season, so these things can happen!).


In the Beginning…

This is the post excerpt.

This is my first attempt at blogging, so please be gentle with me. You’ll see from my ‘about’ profile, I’m a single dad who is also an engineer. So I’ll be writing about bringing up kids, the world of dating, and being an engineer. Yes, I can just hear you saying “he’s a dad and an engineer, so what chance as he got in the world of dating?”. Well, probably not a lot, but I’m going to try and have fun finding out!